Friday, 9 October 2009

Early Reward for Early Failure?

It has become evident that the Israelis have already stymied President Obama's assertion that settlement building on the West Bank must cease. All that remains to be negotiated is the form of words in which the US climb-down is to be wrapped.
Until October 9 it would have been possible to seek to embarrass the President into having at least one more big push on this point. Now, as a beatified peacemaker, he can assume a mantle of infallibility and allow the greater force to suppress the residue of the Palestinian community.
The Palestinians have been appallingly led for generations; therefore they need the support of respected international figures. Obama could have been a leader in that process. The absurdly premature award of the Nobel Peace Prize has undermined his credibility.
To be honoued with 'clouds of glory' before he has survived his 'baptism of fire' is the worst possible way in which both Obama and the Palestinians could be served.

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