Sunday, 18 October 2009

Palestine Tragedy Deepens

As the cynics have predicted all along, there has never been serious intent in enough of the parties for the 'roadmap' process to come to any positive conclusion.
The effluxion of time since the deal was notified has enabled massive settlement activity to proceed; and the disillusion of Palestinians with any leadership has intensified.
The role of the United States, so heavily 'bulled' in the early days of the Obama presidency, has sunk back to the usual support for Israel combined with offers of subsidy for anyone else in the region who will tolerate Israel.
The lack of determination by the United States to 'discipline' Israel is often ascribed to the 'Israeli' or 'Jewish' lobby in the country. There is no doubt that the Jewish supporters of Israel are influential in most advanced countries, but there is another, more powerful force at work in the United States: American History.
This unrecognised force will ensure that the US will NEVER side against Isreal.
To understand the reasons for this, see THE LEVANTINE LOZENGE, accessible from this site.

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